Mr. Eyob Hailu

Eyob is a Registered Pharmacist currently working at CVS Caremark, Washington, DC.He earned Bachelor of Pharmacy and Master of Science degree in Pharmacology at Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. Before he joined CVS Caremark, eyob used to work as a Pharmacist in HIV Specialty Clinic and Behavioral health and addiction treatment center in Washington metropolitan area. Eyob did his master project entitled “Evaluation of anxiolytic effect of the essential oil of Myritus Communis in mice”. He won various grants to present the findings of his master thesis work at different international conferences. More specifically, he presents his work at XX & XXI World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics disorders in Hamburg, Germany and Boston, MA. He also had a chance to present at 27th IBRO-ISN-UNESCO, Fez, Morocco. Eyob served as a lecturer of Pharmacology for Medical, Pharmacy and Physician assistant students. he also worked as a research and community service team leader at DBU, Ethiopia. Right after he comes to the United States, He joined Howard University and started working in the chemo-informatics and drug design laboratory as a research fellow. During his stay in the Chemo-Informatics and drug design laboratory, he had been involved in the publication process of four different articles on the reputable journals in the pharmaceutical science and he also supported Pharm D students. Eyob is an active member of International Brain research organization (IBRO), Society of Neuroscientist (SONA), International Society of Psychiatric Genetics (ISPG) and American Pharmacist Association (APhA).